Aerodynamics and body kits for BMW G42

■Front Lip Spoiler

G42 M240i
Part No:
Carbon Fiber construction.

Rear Diffuser for 4 tip

Material :
Application :
G42 M240i
Part No. :
Description :
Carbon Fiber construction for use with quad(4-tip) exhausts.


Trunk Spoiler

Material :
Application :
Part No. :
Description :
Carbon Fiber construction.

Advice : We encourage the use of UV blocking clear coat for protection us ultra-violet rays that may deteriorate the carbon fiber material over time.

More information for interior items is here.
More information for wheel is here.
More information for exhaust is here.
More information for body strip is here.

2 Series G42 Products List

■Aero-Body Parts

Item Application SKU Description
Front lip Spoiler | Carbon G42 M240i 3101-34213  
Rear Diffuser | Carbon G42 M240i (4 tip) 3108-34213  
Trunk Spoiler | Carbon G42 3109-34213  


Item Application SKU Description
Lowering Spring | G42 M240i 1221-34211  in development


Series Wheel Sizes Description Tire Size Reference
TYPE 3 FORGED Front:8.5Jx20 IS35+20mm spacer | PCD 112 Spacer and longer bolts required 225/35-20
  Rear:9.0Jx20 IS45+20mm spacer | PCD 112 Spacer and longer bolts required 255/30-20

■Exhaust System

Item Application SKU Description
Rear Muffler 90mmx4tips | Stainless G42 | M240i B58B30B 4101-34211
Rear Muffler 90mmx4tips | Carbon G42 | M240i B58B30B 4101-34211C


Item Application | Performance SKU Description
Booster Chip3 G42 M240i B58B30B 5201-35814  


Item Application SKU Description
Pedal set AT G42 LHD RHD Universal 6102-00110  
Rest pedal G42 RHD 6103-32012  
Paddle Shifters G | Billet aluminum G20/21 LHD RHD Universal 6101-00331  
Paddle Shifters G | Carbon + Silver G20/21 LHD RHD Universal 6101-00332  
Paddle Shifters G | Carbon + Red G20/21 LHD RHD Universal 6101-00333  
Floor Mats G42 RHD 6401-38722  


Item Application SKU Description
Body Stripe | Coupe set / Blue G42 7202-0121  
Body Stripe | Coupe set / Silver G42 7202-0122  
Key Case| Size C / Black G42 7105-0131  
Key Case| Size C / White G42 7105-0132  
Logo Emblem | Chrome(plating) G42 7108-0111  
Logo Emblem | Black(painting) G42 7108-0112