This is within a safety range and will not damage the engine. The boost
pressure of the turbo is pulled up to gain amazing power and torque.
This allows the engine to show its potential power while the engine runs
within a safety margin.

In version 3, which inherits the level control adopted by Version 2, sensors
for control are added, demonstrating more stable performance.
- Increasing applications

Available for expanding many BMW turbos. Can be applied to various turbo
engines: N13, N20, N47, N55, etc. (The details of availability should
confirm to the following list)

Increase Boost pressure|Gain Horsepower|Gain Torque


Reference Dyno result 320i/B48C(YM2019)... Power:238ps Torque:37.7kgm Booster Chip at dial 9 with 3DDesign exhaust.

Level control

- BC3 has a level controller which controls the tuning level. Nine steps of
adjustment are possible to suit tuning levels and the condition of a
particular vehicle.

- Recommended position is 6. Due to a possibility if incompatibility with
other parts or the condition of a vehicle, an engine warning light may come
on when the booster chip is in a high position.

Safe and easy

- Safety function
After the engine idle raises while it is cold , the BC3 suppresses output
temporarily and it operates with a safety function to protect the engine.

- Smart installation
Booster Chip 3 is easy to install, and it just connects between the harness
connectors of some engine sensors.

Version 3

The performance is ensured by know-how, field testing, and dyno-testing which came from feedback of version 2.

Moreover, the wiring unit which has high compatibility and quality is adopted, making it possible to control two or more sensors, offering a reliable product.

BC3 is composed with the original design housing and a waterproofing wire harness kit.

Car/engine factory spec P/number Gain ps Gain tq Description
1 series F40 M135i/B48A20E 306ps/45.9kgm 5201-34819 +15-25ps +5-6kgm    
118d/B47C20B 150ps/35.7kgm 5201-34711 +20-30ps +5-7kgm    
F20 M140i/B58B30A 340ps/51.0kgm 5201-35812 +45-55ps +8-9kgm    
M135i/N55B30A 320ps/45.9kgm 5201-15512 +50-60ps +11-12kgm    
M135i LCI/N55B30A 326ps/45.9kgm 5201-15514 +50-60ps +11-12kgm    
120i/N13B16A 170ps/25.5kgm 5201-11312 +35-45ps +4-5kgm    
116i/N13B16A 136ps/22.4kgm 5201-11311 +25-35ps +5-6kgm    
E82 135i/N55B30A 306ps/40.8kgm 5201-15511 +40-50ps +10-11kgm   after 09/2010
2 series F87 M2 CPT/S55B30A 410ps/56.1kgm 5201-25512 +50-60ps +10-12kgm    
M2/N55B30A 370ps/47.4kgm 5201-15515 +40-50ps +9-10kgm    
F22 M240i/B58B30A 340ps/51.0kgm 5201-35812 +45-55ps +8-9kgm    
M235i/N55B30A 326ps/45.9kgm 5201-15514 +45-55ps +6-7kgm    
220i/N20B20B 184ps/27.5kgm 5201-12011 +30-40ps +8-9kgm    
F45/F46 220i/B48A20A 192ps/28.6kgm 5201-34813 +40-50ps +4-6kgm    
218d/B47C20A 150ps/33.7kgm 5201-34711 +20-30ps +5-7kgm    
F44 M235i/B48A20E 306ps/45.9kgm 5201-34819 +15-25ps +5-6kgm    
3 series G80 M3/S58B30A 510ps/66.3kgm 5201-25811 +50-60ps +10-11kgm  
G20/G21 M340i/B58B30B 387ps/51.0kgm 5201-35814 +50-60ps +10-12kgm  
320i/B48B20A 184ps/30.6kgm 5201-34820 +30-40ps +6-7kgm   For B48C air cooler type
320d/B47D20B 190ps/40.8kgm 5201-34712 +25-35ps +6-7kgm  
318i/B48B20A 156ps/25.5kgm 5201-34820 +30-40ps +6-7kgm   For B48C air cooler type
AH3/N55B30A-M230 340ps/45.9kgm 5201-15511 +40-50ps +10-11kgm    
335i/N55B30A 306ps/40.8kgm 5201-15511 +40-50ps +10-11kgm    
330i/B48B20B 252ps/35.7kgm 5201-34815 +30-40ps +4-5kgm    
328i/N20B20A 245ps/35.7kgm 5201-12012 +45-55ps +8-9kgm   note 1
320i/B48B20A 184ps/27.5kgm 5201-34814 +30-40ps +5-6kgm    
320i/N20B20B 184ps/27.5kgm 5201-12011 +30-40ps +8-9kgm    
320d/B47D20A 190ps/40.8kgm 5201-34712 +25-35ps +6-7kgm    
320d/N47D20C 184ps/38.7kgm 5201-14711 +30-40ps +6-7kgm    
335i/N55B30A 306ps/40.8kgm 5201-15511 +40-50ps +10-11kgm   after 09/2010
4 series G82 M4/S58B30A 510ps/66.3kgm 5201-25811 +50-60ps +10-11kgm    
G22/23/26 M440i/B58B30B 387ps/51.0kgm 5201-35814 +50-60ps +10-12kgm    
420i/B48B20A 184ps/30.6kgm 5201-34820 +30-40ps +6-7kgm   For B48C air cooler type
F82 M4/S55B30A 431ps/56.1kgm 5201-25511 +50-60ps +10-12kgm    
F32/F36 440i/B58B30A326ps/45.9kgm5201-35811+45-55ps+8-9kgm  
435i/N55B30A 306ps/40.8kgm 5201-15511 +40-50ps +10-11kgm    
430i/B48B20B 252ps/35.7kgm 5201-34815 +30-40ps +4-5kgm    
428i/N20B20A 245ps/35.7kgm 5201-12012 +45-55ps +8-9kgm   note 1
420i/B48B20A 184ps/27.5kgm 5201-34814 +30-40ps +5-6kgm    
420i/N20B20B 184ps/27.5kgm 5201-12011 +30-40ps +8-9kgm    
5 series F90 M5/S63B44B 600ps/76.5kgm 5201-26312 +70-80ps +10-12kgm    
G30/G31 540i/B58B30A 340ps/45.9kgm 5201-35812 +45-55ps +8-9kgm    
530i/B48B20B 252ps/35.7kgm 5201-34815 +30-40ps +4-5kgm    
530e/B48B20A-P251 252ps/42.5kgm 5201-34817 +30-40ps +4-5kgm    
523d/B47D20A 190ps/40.8kgm 5201-34712 +25-35ps +6-7kgm    
M5/S63B44 560ps/69.3kgm 5201-26311 +50-60ps +11-13kgm    
AH5/N55B30A-M230 340ps/45.9kgm 5201-15511 +40-50ps +10-11kgm    
535i/N55B30A 306ps/40.8kgm 5201-15511 +40-50ps +10-11kgm   after 09/2010
528i/N20B20A 245ps/35.7kgm 5201-12012 +45-55ps +8-9kgm   note 1
523i/N20B20B 184ps/27.5kgm 5201-12011 +30-40ps +8-9kgm    
523d/N47D20C 184ps/38.7kgm 5201-14711 +30-40ps +6-7kgm    
6 seriesF06
M6/S63B44 560ps/69.3kgm 5201-26311 +50-60ps +11-13kgm    
640i/N55B30A 320ps/45.9kgm 5201-15512 +50-60ps +11-12kgm    
7 series G11/G12 740i/B58B30A 326ps/45.9kgm 5201-35811 +45-55ps +8-9kgm    
8 series G14/G15
840i/B58B30C 340ps/51.0kgm 5201-35812 +45-55ps +8-9kgm    
Z4 G29 M40i/B58B30C 340ps/51.0kgm 5201-35812 +45-55ps +8-9kgm    
20i/B48B20B 197ps/32.6kgm 5201-34818 +30-40ps +5-6kgm    
E89 20i/N20B20B 184ps/27.5kgm 5201-12011 +30-40ps +8-9kgm    
X series F48/X1
M35i/B48A20E 306ps/45.9kgm 5201-34819 +15-25ps +5-6kgm    
25i/B48A20B 231ps/35.7kgm 5201-34816 +30-40ps +3-4kgm    
20i/B48A20A 192ps/28.6kgm 5201-34813 +40-50ps +4-6kgm    
20d/B47C20B 190ps/40.8kgm 5201-34712 +25-35ps +6-7kgm    
18d/B47C20B 150ps/35.7kgm 5201-34711 +20-30ps +5-7kgm    
18d/B47C20A 150ps/33.7kgm 5201-34711 +20-30ps +5-7kgm    
F97 X3M C/S58B30A 510ps/61.2kgm 5201-25811 +50-60ps +10-12kgm   competition
X3M/S58B30A 480ps/61.2kgm 5201-25811 +50-60ps +10-12kgm    
G01/X3 M40d/B57D30B 326ps/69.3kgm 5201-35711 +35-45ps +5-6kgm    
20i/B48B20A 184ps/30.6kgm In development - -    
20d/B47D20A 190ps/40.8kgm 5201-34712 +25-35ps +6-7kgm    
F98 X4M C/S58B30A 510ps/61.2kgm 5201-25811 +50-60ps +10-12kgm   competition
X4M/S58B30A 480ps/61.2kgm 5201-25811 +50-60ps +10-12kgm    
G02/X4 M40i/B58B30A 360ps/51.0kgm 5201-35813 +50-60ps +10-12kgm    
30i/B48B20B 252ps/35.7kgm 5201-34815 +30-40ps +4-5kgm    
20d/B47D20B 190ps/40.8kgm 5201-34712 +25-35ps +6-7kgm    
G05/X5 35d/B57D30A 265ps/63.2kgm 5201-35711 +35-45ps +5-6kgm    
G06/X6 35d/B57D30A 265ps/63.2kgm 5201-35711 +35-45ps +5-6kgm    
35i/N55B30A 306ps/40.8kgm 5201-15511 +40-50ps +10-11kgm    
28i/N20B20A 245ps/35.7kgm 5201-12012 +45-55ps +8-9kgm   note 1
20i/N20B20A 184ps/27.5kgm 5201-12011 +30-40ps +8-9kgm    
35d/N57D30A 258ps/57.1kgm 5201-15714 +50-60ps +5-7kgm    
20d/N47D20C 184ps/38.7kgm 5201-14711 +30-40ps +6-7kgm    
35i/N55B30A 306ps/40.8kgm 5201-15511 +40-50ps +10-11kgm   after 09/2010
28i/N20B20A 245ps/35.7kgm 5201-12012 +45-55ps +8-9kgm note 1
20i/N20B20A 184ps/27.5kgm 5201-12011 +30-40ps +8-9kgm  
MINI F54/55
B48A20E 306ps/45.9kgm 5201-34819 +15-25ps +5-6kgm   JCW GP
B48A20B 231ps/32.6kgm 5201-34812 +30-45ps +2-4kgm   JCW
B48A20A 192ps/28.6kgm 5201-34811 +35-50ps +4-6kgm   Cooper S after 04/2014
B47C20A 170ps/36.7kgm 5201-34713 +25-35ps +6-7kgm   Cooper SD
B38A15A 136ps/22.4kgm 5201-33811 +20-30ps +3-5kgm   Cooper
N18B16A 184ps/24.5kgm 5201-11811 +20-30ps +4-5kgm   CooperS LCI
N18B16A 211ps/26.5kgm 5201-11812 +20-30ps +5-6kgm   JCW LCI excluding R60
Supra J29 RZ/B58B30C 340ps/51.0kgm 5201-35812 +45-55ps +8-9kgm    

-Don't use with other parts which will change the boost pressure and the air/fuel ratio.
-When it is used with other parts which gain engine performance, a warning light might appear.
-Later, after installation, a warning sign might appear due to change in state of the vehicle by time, mileage, etc.
-The expected power and torque on the list are expected values under ideal circumstances and since the values are unequal due to the status and condition of each unique vehicle, please understand beforehand that outcomes may vary.
*note 1 : boost pressure may get hunting phenomenon at full throttle. But it doesn't affect the engine damage.